What is Patreon – is a membership platform that help you support your favorite content creators. This is a wonderful way for you to support Camilla each month while also getting exclusive content and rewards. Vote on which prints are released monthly, get a say in what Camilla names her works, get sneak peeks of upcoming events and releases before the public! Sign up and get discounts for online shopping and access to a Patreon Store where you can purchase exclusive items. Sign Up Here!
Patreon Tiers
  • $1 No Rewards – Just good vibes!
  • $2 Art Galore tier – You get access to the Patreon only posts and polls the general public doesn’t!
  • $5 Behind The Scenes – Do you love seeing behind the scenes and getting an in depth look at how Camilla creates her paintings? This tier gets you a specially made WIP pdf each month of one painting PLUS you get access to the Patreon Only Store + all previous rewards
  • $15 Fuzzbutt Tier – Gets you an exclusive digital copy of the bee of the month only found on Patreon + all previous rewards
  • $30 Exclusive Art tier – Where you get to vote on art created by Camilla each month just for patrons! You will get a digital copy of the print + all previous rewards
  • $75 Commission tier – Do you want art made just for you? This is where you can commission Camilla to make a special drawing that she’ll work on and then mail to you! The tier is designed so you can pay installments over the course of 3 months + all previous rewards
  • $95 Collectors tier – This is the ULTIMATE tier for Camilla collectors and enthusiast. Each month you’ll receive a special mystery box of Camilla collectibles, which contains 1 hand embellished print of the bee of the month, 1 print exclusive to this tier ONLY that cannot be purchased anywhere else + all previous rewards USA only (international people who want to join will be billed for international shipping separately before it is shipped)